XIth Appeared/ XIIth Studying
One-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (OYICP)
Xth Appeared/ XIth Appearing
Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP)
IXth Passed/ Xth Appearing
Three-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
VIIIth Passed/ IXth Appearing
Four-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
VIIth Passed/ VIIIth Appearing
Five-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
XIIth Pass Students
Intensive One-Year Classroom Programme (IOYCP)
XIIth Appeared/ XIIth Passed
Extended One-Year Classroom Programme (EOYCP)
XIIth Passed
Condensed One-Year Classroom Programme (COYCP)
XIIth Studying/ XIIth Pass Students
Special Rank Promoting Programme (SRPP)
XIIth Appearing/ XIIth Passed
Finishing Edge Crash Course for JEE (Main) & IP Univ. CET
VIth/ VIIIth/ Xth Presently
One-Year Foundation Course
FD1 VIth = For Vth Appeared/   VIth Studying.
FD1 VIIIth = For VIIth   Appeared/ VIIIth Studying.
FD1 Xth = For IXth Appeared/   Xth Studying.
Presently in VIIth/IXth
Two-Year Foundation Course
FD2 VIIth = For VIth   Appeared/VIIth Appearing
FD2 IXth = For VIIIth Appeared/   IXth Appearing
  JEE Advance 2017 Question Papers  
"Education is the single most important tool that shapes mankind"

A unique concept was born i.e. "Narayana Group of Educational Institutions” with an Intention & commitment to provide result oriented quality education.

Established in 1979 by Dr. P.Narayana, the Narayana Group has a host of academic institutions under its umbrella. There are residential high schools, junior colleges, Medical College, Engineering Colleges, Nursing College to name a few...
  N N N  
The centuries-old guru-shishya parampara of India was a very powerful one, in which the student was taken taken away from his home environment
To ensure that we reach you in case you cannot reach us, we offerourCorrespondence Courses and All India Test Series to enhance your performance with..
Narayana Offers outstanding test series in which students from all over India participate in to compete on a national platform...
Xth Passed/ XIthth Appearing
Two Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP)
IXth Passed/ Xth Appearing
Three Year Integrated PMT Classroom Programme (TYIPCP)
VIIIth Passed/ IXth Appearing
Four Year Integrated PMT Classroom Programme (FYIPCP)
XIth Passed/ XIIth Appearing
One Year Classroom Programme (OYCP)
XIIth Passed
Target One Year Classroom Programme (TOYCP)
XIIth Passed
Test & Discussion Programme (TAD)
XIIth Appearing / XIIth Passed
Finishing Edge (Crash Course for PMT)
XII Studying Students
Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS)
VIth/VIIIth/ Xth Presently
One Year Foundation Course
Presently in VIIth/ IXth
10. Two-Year Foundation Course