Comprehesive Medical Training

Success is the good fortune that comes from Aspiration, Desperation, Perspiration and Inspiration

Our formidable training programmes have made such a positive impact on the minds of the aspirants, that today Narayana is a household name. Our success rate remains unparalleled and the confidence and goodwill we have generated among thousands of students is unmatched. Narayana has been imparting excellent coaching and the growing number of rank –holders in XII Boards. NEET/ AIIMS & other Medical Examinations. Our performance-driven strategy is constantly being improved and updated. Due to the effort of sincere and students not only in terms of perfecting their skills, but also instilling in our minds we have designed a host of programmes to suit them from all backgrounds. We guide students not only in terms of perfecting their skills. But also instilling in them scientific temperament and confidence that lasts for ever. The route to success is in becoming more and more difficult each year, as the level of competition escalates. Narayana knows that any average candidate can make it to the Medical with top class training. Narayana’s Medical training , with a special emphasis an core concepts helps to bring out the best in the aspirants.

Spreading Quality Education Ever since Narayana began its journey in 1979, it has been growing at a remarkable pace. It was the visionary zeal of our Founder-Chairman Dr. P. Narayana. Who himself is arenowned academician and a gold medallist at the Degree and P.G. level, that led to the setting up of a coaching centre in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, which was the precursor for the Naraya Group. By 1985, this centre had earned a name for itself in of offering the best education to the aspirants of the state-level entrance exams. Thereafter the Narayana group started expanding by opening up branches all across India. Dr. P .Narayana has been the backbone of the group which today incorporates 400 campuses that cater to more than 4,00,000 students in the year.

"Narayana Stands head and Shoulders above the rest because of its dedicated and renowned faculty and professional staff.Our result speak for themselves"