A unique classroom programme that targets overall development for class VI/VII/VIII/IX/X studying students by providing them exhausitive coverage of Science and Mathematics of CBSE syllabus, enhancing analytical skills and exploring the thrills and joys of meeting challenges of competitive examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are students better prepared psychologically for competitive examinations only after class X?
A. All the competitive examinations, which come after class X requires clarity of basic concepts and their applications. Most of these basic concepts come for the first time at secondary level, hence for a good foundation, students should be psychologically prepared from class VI onwards.

Q. Who should join the Foundation Course?
A. Students studying in class VI to X, who want to excel in their final as well as Board Examinations. Students, who want to develop clarity of concepts at an early stage for competitive examination and those who want to build up a self esteem in their overall development, need to join the Foundation Course.

Q. Do private tuitions provide more individual attention then institutes?
A. Individual attention is not the essence of being successful at the highest level. What is required in overall development of a student in a systematic and scientific manner. However, in our Foundation Course individual attention to students is assured.

Q. How Foundation Course differs from private tuitions?
A. Foundation Course offers exhaustive, complete and in-depth coverage of syllabus along with comprehensive study material, home work assignments, competitive environment, special inputs for NTSE and Olympiads etc. Library with all kinds of competitive books along with reading room facility, Whereas private tuitions may just help in getting a student the answer irrespective of whether the students have understood the concept or not.

Q. What additional benefits will students get in Foundation Course?
A. Foundation Course is designed to empower the students in learning various problem solving techniques, enhancing their analytical skills, building up of examination temperament. Besides motivational sessions are held to help students think and work independently. This programme has been designed to make students understand the key basic concepts of Science & Mathematics subjects of CBSE syllabus for Class VI to X rather than mere memorizing and cramming. It will help students to secure good marks in their respective class. This Classroom Programme will also form the foundation of developing all the techniques required to excel in various professional entrance exams like IIT-JEE, Pre-Medical Entrance Exams and various other competitive Exams.
Xth Passed/ XIthth Appearing
Two Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP)
IXth Passed/ Xth Appearing
Three Year Integrated PMT Classroom Programme (TYIPCP)
VIIIth Passed/ IXth Appearing
Four Year Integrated PMT Classroom Programme (FYIPCP)
XIth Passed/ XIIth Appearing
One Year Classroom Programme (OYCP)
XIIth Passed
Target One Year Classroom Programme (TOYCP)
XIIth Passed
Test & Discussion Programme (TAD)
XIIth Appearing / XIIth Passed
Finishing Edge (Crash Course for PMT)
XII Studying Students
Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS)
VIth/VIIIth/ Xth Presently
One Year Foundation Course
• FD1 – VIth = For Vth
   Appeared/ VIth Studying
• FD1 – VIIIth = For VIIth Appeared/
   VIIIth Studying
• FD1 – Xth = For IXth Appeared/
   Xth Studying
Presently in VIIth/ IXth
10. Two-Year Foundation Course
• FD2 – VIIth = For VIth Appeared/
    VIIth Appearing
• FD2 – IXth = For VIIIth Appeared/
   IXth Appearing
PMT Program’s
PMT for XI Studing
PMT Two Year Integrated Classroom Program
Two - Year Classroom Programme
PMT for XII Studing
PMT One Year Integrated Classroom Program
PMT for XII Pass
PMT One - Year Classroom Programme
PMT Test and Discussion Programme
PMT Finishing Edge (Crash Course)
PMT Supreme Test Series
PMT Target Course