Four Year Integrated IIT-JEE Classroom Programme VIII Appeared / IX Studying
: June / July, 2011.  
Duration : More than 1490 hours.
Eligibility VIII Appeared / IX Studying
Course Highlights

This Course will include comprehensive coverage of CBSE syllabus of Science and Mathematics subjects in synchronized way and all those additional & relevant topics of higher level will also be taught at this stage to inculcate analytical skills, problem solving ability and better understanding of core-concepts required for IIT-JEE and various competitive examinations (like NTSE / Olympids / AIEEE.)

Mode of Admission : Admission-cum-Scholarship Test to be held from Jan. 2010 to May 2010
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  Fee Plan-2  
  Fee Plan-3  
  Classwise distribution of phase system will be as follows  
Class No. of Phases Total Hours
IX 3 400
X 3 400
 X 5 690
Timely completion of syllabus in each phase will allow the students to have sufficient time for revision and preparation of board exams along with IIT-JEE and other competitive examinations. Each of the phases will have a Phase Test, which may be considered as “Reshuffling Test”, i.e. student’s batch can be changed as per his/her performance in these tests to maintain the homogeneous level of competence among students. In this regard decision of concerned authorities will be final and binding.

Additional Inputs
• Series of mock tests before the class X Board Exams.
• Students enrolled in this programme are eligible for the All India Test Series and
   Rank Promoting Package in class XII.

Batch Options

Regular Batch: Classes 3 to 4 days a week, after school hours, other than vacations. During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.

# Batch formation in the above programme is subject to requisite number of students
(essential for a competitive batch size) qualifying in the admission test.
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