During the One Year Foundation Course, the entire Science and Mathematics syllabus would be extensively covered in triple phases separately. Apart from this, there would be periodical tests and quizzes on a regular basis on competitive exams i.e. NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiads, etc. The complete syllabus each year would be over by the end of December. After which there would be mock tests on the syllabus of Science & Mathematics as per the pattern of respective class annual / board Exams.

5 Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme

FD1 - VI For V Appeared / VI Studying
FD1 - VIII For VII Appeared / VIII Studying
FD1 - X For IX Appeared / X Studying

Regular Batch :

  • Classes will be held 2/3 days a week.

Note: Batch Option details can be accessed from the center itself where the students are seeking admission.

* The class timings will be after the school hours excluding the vacations. During the vacations, the classes and be held in the morning timings as well.

Course Commencement :

  • April/May 2019

Duration :

  • 300 hours (approximately).

Mode of Admission :

  • Admission-cum-ScholarshipTest.

# Formation of the batch in the above-mentioned programme is subject to the required percentage of students in the above programme is subject to the requisite number of students (essential for a competitive batch size) qualifying in the admission test

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