Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS) For XII Studying Students

Don’t stop know you are tired stop when your done

The commencement of the test series begins just after XII Board Exams.In this test series the students will do their preparation for the medical entrance examination with a focus on NEET/AIIMS. The student will come prepared for the test and it will followed by a thorough discussion of 3 hours (45 minute for each subject), in which all questions of the test will be discussed in detail.This test analysis session is the key to this programme, wherein, the student’s strengths and weaknesses are highlighted helping the student to consolidate his / her preparation.This test analysis and discussion sessions will help the students to fine tune their preparation and strategies for improving performance in the final examinations.

Course Commencement :

  • 3rd Week of March to ending May, 2020

Duration :

  • 6 weeks (3 to 4 days / week)

Eligibility :

  • XII studying students

Course Highlight :

  • Each test is followed by a detailed discussion with micro- & macro-level analysis. Grand Success Package (GSP) is part of this programme.

Mode of Admission :

  • Direct admission on the basis of percentage obtained in X Board exam. (75% and above in Science &Maths)

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