Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (STYCP)


Narayana Spark CO programme is born in the pursuit of excellence. Once Narayana had students who were willing to put their best efforts, it came up with an entirely new concept crafted on its own which revolutionarised the entire country. NARAYANA SPARK CO Program was incepted in 2008 with a vision and toil of Dr. P. Narayana, an established Academician and a great visionary. The main aim of Dr. P. Narayana was to provide all that is needed for a student to make him perform to his optimum level and get a coveted rank in JEE and during this journey to achieve international recognition in the form of International Olympiad Medals. Narayana on a global scale provided a platform in form of spark batch to encourage competition among students with innovative skills, commitment & an ability to transform the best in them. The success of our students was inspiring and so was their faith in NARAYANA SPARK CO Program. It is not a rigid system that we follow but a tailor made program for each of our students which makes us stand apart from the rest. Every individual is made to realize his/her potential and is facilitated to achieve what is considered unachievable. It's just not the numbers that we are proud of, but the quality of our achievement.

Secret of Winning!

The students at spark batch study with no time limits. They get an Academic support of 24 × 7, to bring out the best in them, as we simply believe to be on the top means leaving behind everyone in all respect and that includes rigorous, self motivated directional hard work, matched with unparallel support, motivation and guidance from the highest level. We just polish the diamond in you without disturbing your originality. We achieve the impossible just by rekindling the deep desire in you to excel and not by forcing things on you. If you have the will to reach the top, we have the means to achieve it.


Regular Batch :

  • Classes will be held 6 days a week, 4½ hours of teaching per day + 3½ hours to 4½ hours of forced self study (in the presence of faculty).


  • 2 CPTs in a week on Saturdays and Mondays

Duration :

  • 130 hours of teaching in a month Course Commencement : 2nd week of April 2019 Course Highlight : Course completion by 30th June 2020. Revision will start from 1st July 2020.

Mode of Admission :

  • Written Test strictly followed by the interview

"Narayana Stands head and Shoulders above the rest because of its dedicated and renowned faculty and professional staff.Our result speak for themselves"