JEE 2021 - Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP)


Narayana Group always keeps itself abreast of the latest changes announced by the HR Ministry and IIT-JEE council. Thus, CBSC had always influenced our teaching methodologies and academic curriculum We have tried to impart more focused inputs to our students by re-structuring our course curriculum. This will take care of all the needs of the students for enhanced performance in XII Boards and competitive exams with good marks. Narayana has a very virtuous background in schooling along with preparing students for various competitive exams.

Hence, at the individual stages, we could identify the requirements and the pulse of our students for the required results and high-performance. Further, to fulfil the academic needs of our students and to continue the trend of best results, we have re-structured our teaching pattern and course curriculum.

This programme prepares the students for JEE Main & JEE Advanced to give the best desired output and performance. This programme comprising of more than 700-hours is divided into five phases. It includes comprehensive teaching starting with Bridge Course*, practice sessions in the form of tutorial classes and final review in December 2020/ January 2021 in the form of revision classes.

  • The first three phases comprising of class XI syllabus & JEE syllabus will be completed by the end of January 2020 in each phase, topic wise Board syllabus would be covered initially, besides the same topic training of JEE. Phase IV & V comprising of the JEE and Class XII Board syllabus will be completed from April to November 2020. This enables the students to revise and prepare for the Boards along with JEE.
  • Each respective phase will have a specialized teaching pattern of the CBSE and would comprise of two stages
  • STAGE I :

    • Coverage of Topics from CBSE level : Narayana has the system of imparting inputs through Micro-Schedule based teaching. This channelizes the efforts of our students in the right direction for desired output. Thus we will follow the NCERT sequence to cover all the topics of respective Phases, first from CBSE level.

    STAGE II :

    • Coverage of topics from IIT-JEE level : Narayana has an academic edge and proven track record over its competitors for preparing its students for IIT-JEE and Other Competitive Exams. Thus, in Stage II, we will impart IIT-JEE Level inputs of the same topics as taught in Stage I for CBSE. Thus, with regard to the above-mentioned inputs, we would ascertain you of better performance from our students, in CBSE, so they can participate to chase their dreams with the highest rank in the competitive tests as well. Each phase shall include a Phase Test, which can also be labeled as the ‘reshuffling test’, i.e. the batch of the students can be altered according to their performance and ranks in the tests to keep up with the equivalent competence level amongst students from varied batches. In this regard, the decision of concerned authority will be final and binding. Early completion of the course ensures ample time for revision as well as time for XII Board preparations. Common Practice Test or an all India Level CPT would be conducted weekly based on a few Board patterns of the CBSE and the pattern of the JEE.

    CPT (Common Practice Test) at all India levels will be conducted every week based on the JEE pattern and few CBSE Board pattern tests will be conducted in between.

    Based on the inputs given above, we would make sure the students achieve their desired results in CBSE, so as to participate and engage to accomplish their dreams of earning better ranks in competitive tests. The students who have taken up this program are now eligible for the CPTs and the study material.


    Regular Batch :

    • Classes 3 to 4 days a week, after school hours, other than vacations. During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.

    Weekend Batch :

    • 3 Classes for 2 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays every week. (During vacations frequency of the classes can be increased)

    Course Commencement :

    • April / May / June / July, 2019 Duration : More than 700 hours.

    Course Highlight :

    • This course prepares you simultaneously for CBSE syllabus and JEE strategically. It clears all doubts and elevates you to a standard of excellence, Study Material and CPTs are part of this programme.

    Mode of Admission :

    • Admission-cum-Scholarship Test to be held from January 2019 to July 2019

    #The formations of the batch in each option of Batch is subjected to the required percentage of students (important for a competitive size of batch) qualifying.

    #Specially designed to offer elementary knowledge regarding core concepts, the Bridge Course would be put to use quite often throughout a couple of years. Regular classes would commence after the completion of the Bridge Course.

    "Narayana Stands head and Shoulders above the rest because of its dedicated and renowned faculty and professional staff.Our result speak for themselves"