Two-Year Integrated ClassRoom Programme (TYCP)

You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.

OurTwo Year Integrated Classroom Programme is an ideal course for providing a sound foundation in class XI. It strengthens the base of the students as it is a known fact that all the competitive exams contain more than 50% questions from class XI syllabus. This is a 700‐hours integrated programme comprising of 8 units. It is divided into two academic sessions (4 units in each session). In this course students are throughly prepared for CBSE as well as NEET / AIIMS. During the first academic session the entire syllabus of class XI is covered integrating the level of the board and the competitive exams. Regular class tests are conducted on objective and subjective pattern to evaluate the performance of the students, and the subsequent feedback is sent to the parents at regular intervals.

The entire class XI syllabus will be completed by the last week of January 2020, so that the students are left with adequate time to prepare for their class XI final examinations. A revision test series covering the entire syllabus of class XI is scheduled before the commencement of next academic session.

The second academic session for the aspirants will start from the second / third week of April 2020. In this session students will be thoroughly preparing for their XII Board examination as well as NEET/AIIMS. The entire syllabus of class XII will be completed by last week of October, 2020 and the class XI syllabus will be revised from first week of November, 2020 to last week of December, 2020. After the Board examinations, students will appear for the final round of preparation through Narayana's All India Grand Test Series, and compete with meritorious aspirants across India to evaluate their performance at the national level.

  • - Early completion of the course ensures ample time for revision as well as time for XII Board preparations.
  • - CPT (Common Practice test) at all India level will be conducted every week on NEET / other medical Exam pattern.
  • - Every week of the month there would be a test based on CBSE (School level) i.e. subjective type.
  • - Narayana's Al I Test Series followed by discussion is given to students free of cost in the month of March 2021 for final revision.
  • - Our Question Bank “Grand Success Package" provides students with approx 4000 questions for NEET and approx 1000 for AIIMS, asked in last 20 years in competitive exams.

Batch Option(s)

Regular Batch :

  • Classes 3 to 4 days a week, after school hours, other than vacations. During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.

Weekend Batch :

  • 3 Classes for 2 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays every week.

Course Commencement :

  • April/May/June/July/August, 2019. Duration : More than 700 hours.

Course Highlight :

  • This course prepares you simultaneously for CBSE syllabus and PMT strategically. It clears all doubts and elevates you to a standard of excellence. All India Test Series and Grand Success Package are a part of this programme.

Mode of Admission :

  • Admission‐cum‐ScholarshipTest to be held from January 2019 to July 2019.

'“Weekend Batch will be formed only when the requisite number of students (essential for a competitive batch size) qualify in the admission test.

"Narayana Stands head and Shoulders above the rest because of its dedicated and renowned faculty and professional staff.Our result speak for themselves"