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It has been our experience, that the students who aspire for medicine as a career & start preparing for this immediately after class X prove to be more successful due to an early start & a stress free study schedule Our Two Year Integrated Class Room Programme  is an Ideal course for providing a sound foundation in class XI. It strengthens the base of the students as It is a known fact that all the competitive exams contain more than 50% of questions from class XI syllabus.

This is a 700 Hours Integrated Programme comprising 8 units. It is divided into two academic sessions (4 units in each session). During the first academic session the entire syllabus of class XI is Covered integrating the level of the board & the competitive exams Board Understanding Evaluation Paper (BUEP) would be conducted after each topic to assess CBSE level knowledge of the students.

There after medical level quizzes and tests would be conducted for the same topic.

The second academic session for the aspirants will start from the second week of April 2010. In this session students will be thoroughly preparing ­for their XII board Examination as well as various medical entrance examinations. The entire syllabus of class XII will be completed by last week of October 2010, the class XI syllabus will be revised from first week of November 2010 to last week of December 2010. This will give ample time to the students for revision and consolidation of the knowledge and skills taught at Narayana PMT Academy well ahead of CBSE Board Exams & Medical Entrance Exams.

Additional Inputs

Paramount All India Test Series and NARAYANA’s Rank Promoting Package are part of this Programme.

Batch Option

Classes shall generally be held 3/4 days a week (from Tuesday to Sunday), 4 hours each day. The class timings other than the vacations will be after school hours.

During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.

2.EXTENDED WEEKEND CLASSES: Classes will be held only on weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday (except during vacations, when the frequency of the classes can be increased). Each day there would be three Classes of 2 hours each (From morning till evening).

We will form few batches for Extended Weekend / Semi Weekend classes & selection criteria will be tougher. Students, who are serious to join these batches, should be mentally & Physically strong to stay focused in the class for six hours.

The Qualifying cut off in the Admission cum Scholarship Test for the Extended Weekend batch options will be comparatively higher and these batches  will be formed only when there are requisite number of students who qualify this cut-off.

(i)The total classroom interaction will be same for the entire course in all the batch options.
(ii)Timings of the Extended Weekend classes are subject to change, if required.
(iii)The tenure for Weekend Classroom Programme will be of longer duration than Regular Classroom Programme.
  • Students have to carefully select the batch option they require i.e. Regular / Weekend. Once the batch option has been finalised it won’t be changed.

Course Fee For Two Year Regular Classroom Programme

Fee Payment Plan              Fee Plan – I (Installments)


Amount payable to Narayana

Service Tax

Installment Date

Mode of Payment

Registration Fee

Rs. 3000

Rs. 309

At the time of Admission

Payment is to paid by Demand draft/pay order only

Admission Fee

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 1,030

Tution Fee

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 3,090

Tution Fee

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 1,545

To be paid after 60 days of admission

Fee is to be
Paid by Local / At Par Post Dated Cheque.
Local / at par post dated cheque is to be submitted
At the Time or Admission Only

Tution Fee

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 1,545

To be paid after 120 days of admission

Tution Fee

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 1,545

To be paid after 180 days of admission

Tution Fee

Rs. 20,000

Rs. 2,060

Ist April 2010

Tution Fee

Rs. 12,000

Rs. 1,236

15 July 2010


Rs. 1,20,000

Rs. 12,360

Rs. 1,32,360


Fee Plan – II (Lumpsum
* Tuition fee includes Classroom Program Teaching
# Service tax as per as Govt. .noms.

1.Down payment is to be made at the time of Admission by demand draft/pay order favouring Narayana INSTITUTE, payable at Delhi along with the local post dated cheques (PDCs) as per the dates mentioned in plan – I or plan – II.

2.In case, if a student is submitting the outstation post dated cheque/cheques will be charged with extra amount of Rs. 200/- per cheque.

3.Any concession or scholarship being awarded to the students will be adjusted from the last local post dated cheque.

Early Bird Offer :Students appearing in of the admission tests held before 31st March 2009  and enrolling within the fee payment date of the respective test can avail additional 10% fee concession (applicable on Lumpsum Plan) and 5% fee concession (applicable on installment plan). This additional fee concession will be over and above the fee concession or scholarship category.

Fee concession category

10% fee concession will be given to the following categories
  1. Defence personnel (only combatants) / Ex-service men.  OR
  2. School teachers ward.  OR
  3. NTSE/JSTSE Scholars.
(B)There are some other concessions on the basis of Board Exams result for students fulfilling the criteria as follows

Those who will secure 90% aggregate and
90%  £ marks scored (Maths + Science) < 98%                      10%  Concession
98%  £ marks scored (Maths + Science) < 99%                      25%  Concession
99% £ marks scored (Maths + Science) £ 100%                      35%  Concession

(1)A valid proof of the supporting documents for availing the concession to be submitted at the time of admission.
(2)In case of point (B) photocopy of original marksheet should be submitted with in the one month from the date of its issue, so that a student who has enrolled before the declaration of class X board result can be considered for the reimbursement of concession amount on total fee as per the criteria mentioned above.  Failing which will result into non-applicability of the specified criteria.

Scholarship Category

Scholarship will be awarded upto 75% based on the performance in the admission test.


1.The highest among the one i.e. scholarship on the basis of admission test or under the fee concession category will be applicable.

2.10% scholarship will be reduced if the student appears in any of the subsequent admission cum scholarship test.

For example: If “x” Appears in the Admission test on 10th April and avails a scholarship of 20% on the basis of performance and If ”x” reappears in 24th April Admission Test and avails a scholarship of 40% then the scholarship will be reduced by 10% because of reappearance and applicable scholarship will be 30%.






Paper 1


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Note :  There will be negative marking in Paper - 1.

Submit test registration form with two passport size photographs, choice of study centre & test centre and registration fee of Rs.500/- (Rs. 300 for Foundation Courses) by cash / Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of “NARAYANA INSTITUTE” payable at  Delhi along with the photocopy of Class IX mark sheet.

Test Registration form can be submitted at any of our above mentioned Test Centres.

Last Date to Register (In person)    :   One day before the test
Last Date to Register (by post)        :   One week before the test

(i) A sample Model Test Paper will be given to the registered students to ensure that they are able to understand the pattern and are able to perform to their optimum.
  • No registrations will be entertained on the day of Admission Test.
  • Registration fee is neither adjusted in admission fee amount nor it is refundable.
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