Ac Campus for Nursery, PP I & PP II

  • Unparlled quality education
  • World Class curriculum
  • State-of-the art infrastructure
  • Non-toxic teaching/learning material
  • Effective Soft skills programme
  • Child initiated learning methodology
  • Technology based learning
  • Monthly events/ celebrations/Competitions
  • Portfolio assesments
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Well trained Staff
  • Grooming talents through drips n drops(monthly magazine.

The Primary World of Fun

AC Campus I to V

  • A platform to the young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colors of achievement in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to the global community
  • Curriculum on par with international standards.
  • Student friendly activity-oriented approach.
  • Hones problem-solving, analytical abilities through moxie sheets and activities.
  • Abacus to develop mental arthmetic capabilities of the child.
  • Interactive video conference sessions for extempore building.
  • e-Learning modules for interactive demonstrations
  • Grooming talent through ‘Robinage’(an international monthly magazine)
  • N-TOP: Narayana Target Olympiad Programme for 4 and 5 standard students designed to focus mainly for preparing the students for the State & National level competitive exams.

e-techno Programme


  • Integrated syllabus with research oriented Audio-Visual teaching.
  • Common schedules, common teaching, common examination and common analysis
  • Special focus on Mathematics and Science Olympiads.
  • Critical approach to problem Solving Skills.
  • CDF Programme to strengthen the fundamentals.
  • Errors list programme to rectify the mistakes made in weekly tests.
  • Practical’s with well furnished lab facility in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and projects.
  • Activities through video conference across the State.
  • Exclusive English clubs for extempore building LEAP programme and linguistic lab to enrich communication skills.

Principal’s Desk


Name: Mrs. Arjumand Jhanjharya, Principal

As I walk through the corridors of the school, beholding the multitudinal seeds effervescing with life; a life unfolding itself, it gives me immense joy.

The world of the classroom and learning has undergone both visible and invisible changes. There is an immediate need to prepare the current generation to face the new realities and emerging trends it has changed the way children think, learn and imagine their worlds.

The process of intellectual development should engage the child to extend his/her learning so that he/she can express, experience and evolve as a lifelong learner. The school environment provides a multitude of activities and opportunities for self-fulfilment that will challenge and reward the child.

Our school curriculum is carefully designed to cater to the needs of changing trends in learning and facilitate the learning of skills that are very relevant for students’ current and future needs. The blend of activities, hands-on experiences, celebrations and field trips bring out the best. –These activities represent the shift from an emphasis on providing content to providing skills, from looking at the classroom as the only point of learning to accepting that learning happens across life spaces.

We encourage our children to observe the world around and to express themselves in a variety of ways. Children need to touch, feel, explore, analyse, investigate and experience. Through active participation, learning goes beyond knowing to experiencing.

If the heavens were all parchment, and the trees of the forest all pens, and every human being were a scribe, it would be impossible to record all that I have learned from life!’ Learning is a continuous process, and we, the seeds of it.

Ultimately, every child is an achiever and should regard every day as an opportunity to change things for the better and live up to the school vision of Determination, Progress and Service. As John Dewey said, “Education is not merely a preparation for life but life itself”.

I am grateful to the Management for having reposed their trust and faith in me and will strive to keep the banner of Narayana e Techno school flying high.

Get in Touch

  • CTS 418 Marol Village Marol-Maroshi Road Andheri (E)
  • Mumbai -400059.

Get in Touch

CTS 418 Marol Village Marol-Maroshi Road Andheri (E),
Mumbai -400059.